The Rock River Star Team

Nathan Gasser
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

Nathan Gasser is a digital strategist and interactive systems designer with 20 years experience creating web sites and web applications. His experience ranges from content management solutions, to web security and performance optimization, to data visualization, to user experience design, to social media analytics and more. His career focus is on building teams and systems that use technology, data, and stories to connect people in meaningful ways

Katie Reing
Designer, content strategist, themer, and queso chef

Katie is responsible for content strategy and information architecture, as well as crafting visual and interaction design.

Box Dweller

One brisk fall day, Queso decided to move in to our office and take up permanant residence.  Now she's mostly responsible for knocking things off desks, sitting in boxes that are too small for her, and exhibiting her displeasure in the fact that we work instead of attend to her needs.