We believe you need a great team to carry out great projects, and we're always on the lookout for people to join the team.  We need people passionate about using open source technologies like Drupal to help organizations, universities, local communities, and businesses fulfil their mission using electronic and social media.  

We also believe you need to serve your team the same way you serve your clients — by putting their needs first, listening carefully to their ideas, and helping them achieve their own goals.  All of our employees work fulltime from their homes, using a carefully selected and constantly evolving suite of tools for communicating and collaborating remotely.  

We also value time the team is able to spend together, and frequently hold coworking sessions, group outings to play disc golf, staff meetings at brew pubs, and of course, our annual all-staff trip to DrupalCon — the Drupal community's premiere event of the year.

Attending DrupalCon is one example of how our team values continuous learning — we're constantly pushing each other to extend our skills and knowledge.  We hold weekly internal staff development meetings where team members take turns preparing and presenting a topic to the rest of the group.  The process of learning how to communicate your ideas to others is incredibly valuable.

Sorry, we don't currently have any positions open.

Rock River Star is an equal opportunity employer.  We value diversity and encourage qualified applicants from all backgrounds to apply.