Moving a site from one account to another in Pantheon

Today I learned there's no automatic way to move a project from one account within Pantheon to another.

A New Kid's Guide to DrupalCon

In about a month, I’ll be headed to Austin with the rest of the Rock River St

The non-convergence of design

This will seem obvious to many people, but I've met people to whom it's still not obvious.

Emotion-centered Design

So I was vacuuming the

Three Components of a Successful Bug Report

It's inevitable that some things don't work quite right while your site is being developed. That's all part of the process - working out the kinks and making the site ready for visitors.

Prevent "AHAH the Right Way" in Drupal from Breaking with Validation

So there has been a lot of blogging and documentation in the past abo

Prettier PHP variable debugging

Before I had the pleasure of coming to work for Rock River Star I was developing e-commerce platforms in ColdFusion.

Rock River Star client featured on Slashdot; Gizmodo

I was doing a little light web reading this weekend and was pleased to come across this story on