Higher Education

Saint Joseph's University

Saint Joseph's University contracted Rock River Star to assist in building their new website with an important deadline, the 2012 London Olympics. The University had chosen to time the launch of a significant new advertising campaign to coincide with the opening of the Games — a deadline which was approaching fast.

Rock River Star teamed up with SJU's internal development team to complete the implementation of a website that had been months in the planning, design, and user testing by their marketing and design partners.

A key component of the process was providing implementation, training and support of a distributed, collaborative development process between Rock River Star and SJU staff developers.  This best-practice approach maximized productivity and allowed developers to work efficiently together under tight deadlines.

Since launch, Rock River Star has continued their successful work with Saint Joseph's University, assisting with the further development and expansion of the http://www.sju.edu website to meet the University's student and business needs.

Temple Newsroom

Rock River Star was hired by the Temple Office of University Communications to replace their static website with a modern, dynamic publishing platform that better communicated Temple’s message to its audiences, while streamlining the process of getting their content online.
The project started with a significant discovery and planning phase to ensure the needs of all stakeholders were being considered, as well as to design a workflow and publication process that was technology-neutral.  We determined the Drupal content management system would be a good match for all the key requirements, and got to work.
We implemented a new publishing workflow that enables staff writers to submit and revise their content directly on the site instead of emailing Word documents or managing multiple versions of files on shared network drives.  We architected a time-saving process of generating daily emails by pulling from articles published to various sections the previous day, while still allowing final editorial control.  And we implemented a bold, clean, modern design in cooperation with a staff designer.
Finally, we built a custom content import engine to import over 3000 flat HTML files from the existing website, dating back over four years going through several iterations of formatting changes.  The archived content became dynamic and searchable just like new content going forward.  Additionally, a combination of Apache rewrite rules and Drupal redirects ensure that legacy URLs seamlessly connect to the proper articles on the new site.
The successful relaunch of the Temple Newsroom is just the beginning of the project, with new features being planned for the site, and ongoing operational support being provided to ensure a continued high-quality experience for the Temple Community.

Rock River Star client featured on Slashdot; Gizmodo

I was doing a little light web reading this weekend and was pleased to come across this story on Slashdot which mentioned a Rock River Star client:

First of all, if you haven't seen any of GRASP's quad-rotor videos, go check out their most recent video, or their previous one.  Pretty amazing stuff, and immediately accessible, unlike some esoteric computer science or nanotechnology research.  These little things are flying through the air performing amazing stunts under the lightning-fast control of their computer masters.  Judging by some of the press coverage and especially the user commments, whether that's exciting to terrifying to you is a matter of opinion.

I wish I could say Rock River Star had some part in creating these amazing little critters, but we'll settle for the satisfaction of having produced the GRASP Lab's website for them.  One of our goals when building websites for clients is to help them gain the exposure and coverage they need to communicate the good work they're doing.  Coverage of the quadrotor research has been featured on Gizmodo, Engadget and others.  It's great to see that the tech press is fascinated with the aeronautical feats of wizardry that Penn's GRASP Lab produces.  

Oh, and if you hear a buzzing sound, you might want to stay away from open windows.

University of Pennsylvania College of Liberal & Professional Studies

When Penn's College of General Studies was undergoing a name change and rebranding at the end of 2008, they needed a new website to represent the new look of the new College of Liberal & Professional Studies.  They had produced a website design internally that matched their new branding, but needed help turning their designs into a completed Drupal website.  Rock River Star worked with their internal design and content team to bring the new site online in time for the relaunch of the College.