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Moving a site from one account to another in Pantheon

Today I learned there's no automatic way to move a project from one account within Pantheon to another.  But the manual way is super simple.

Step 1: In the "from" account, create a backup of the site.  It should look something like this:

Step 2: In the "to" account, choose "Import a Site" and then choose "provide separate code, files, and databasde archives":

Step 3: Foreach of code, database, and files, in the "from" account, click the "download" link and copy the "temporary link" it gives you:

Then paste that link in the corresponding field in the "To" account:


Step 4: Push the red, jolly, candy-like button at the bottom and you're on your way.

Protip:  When they say temporary links, they mean temporary.  Don't start copying your links until all 3 of your archives have been created.  The links are only good for a minute or two.