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Drupal in the Real World: PANMA Event on 9/28

Getting to know Drupal
“Come for the Code, Stay for the Community” is the newly adopted tagline for the Drupal project. At this session we’ll give you an introduction to both the code that is driving the extremely fast adoption of Drupal, as well as the community that makes, builds and supports this truly Free and Open Source Software project (meaning: unlike projects like WordPress, Alfresco, or MySQL, no company owns Drupal).

What we’ll cover:
Some of the main reasons that organizations and companies are adopting Drupal, including the module and theme systems, robust content creation and organization features, tight integration with most popular APIs, its user & role system, content permissions, flexible workflow, etc.

- What’s new in Drupal 7, including the Database Abstraction Layer that has opened the door for running Drupal on Oracle, MS SQL Server, Casandra, etc, to improved core media handling, the move from ‘nodes’ to ‘entities’, fields in core, and more.

- Acquia’s Drupal Gardens, a hosted ‘Software as a Service’ version of Drupal 7, meant to compete with and other hosted website options.

- The Drupal community. Drupal owes much of its growth to the early adoption of the platform by community/political organizers, and these same people use their online organizing skills to enable the Drupal community to scale faster and better than most other Open Source projects. We’ll look at where the community works/communicates, how it operates, and what makes it tick (hint: talk is silver, code/work is gold).

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg is a Partner and Business Lead at Zivtech, LLC. Zivtech is an Open Source Web Development Shop located in Philadelphia, PA that specializes in building powerful and scalable Web Applications and Enterprise Content Management Systems

Drupal in the Real World
Following a look at the technology and community behind Drupal, we’ll share what it’s like to build a site with the platform today. We’ll look at how to plan a Drupal-based site, how to document the information architecture requirements, how to choose the right modules for the job, and how to solve common site-building challenges without hacking.

We’ll leave you with an amusing tour of 5 things you *can* do with Drupal, but *shouldn’t.* *Ever*.

Nathan Gasser is founder and president of Rock River Star, an internet consulting and development company focussed on implementing open source web and social media solutions for non-profit, higher education, and corporate clients.

Pizza & light refreshments will be provided by PANMA. Doors open at 5:30pm, event runs 6:00 – 8:00pm. The cost is free.