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Moving a site from one account to another in Pantheon

Today I learned there's no automatic way to move a project from one account within Pantheon to another.


The non-convergence of design

This will seem obvious to many people, but I've met people to whom it's still not obvious.

Emotion-centered Design

So I was vacuuming the

Rock River Star client featured on Slashdot; Gizmodo

I was doing a little light web reading this weekend and was pleased to come across this story on

Drupal in the Real World: PANMA Event on 9/28

Getting to know Drupal

Leave the Girl Scouts Alone!

I came across a blog post today deriding the Girl Scout's recent logo chan

Philadelphia NetTuesday Social Web Sampler

Last night I had the pleasure of participating in an event called "A Social Web Sample

Dodos and Cents

I'm an optimistic, "the glass is half full with a nice slice of chocolate cake next to it" kind of person, and I'm encouraged by people finding creative and innovative ways to maintain and even grow their companies in These Tough Economic Times. I'm also a "survival of the fittest", "that which does not kill us makes us stronger" capitalist, so I think lean times are part of the free market's way of thinning the herd.

So how does a company avoid the fate of the dodo, or rather, the Circut City?