About Us

Our Values

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Being responsible for a web project can be challenging.  We strive to make the experience of building, rebuilding, or simply managing your website a positive one for our customers.  We communicate often, we share our progress with our customers continuously, and we try to limit surprises to good ones.

Technical Excellence

We realize most of our customers aren't interested in the minute technical details of the solutions we implement for them.  But we also realize that websites and content management systems today are incredibly complex, often involving data and content fed from and syndicated to multiple third-party sites, and with rules and logic that make content editors' lives easier when they're working right and a disaster when they're not.  So we pride ourselves on an expert-level understanding of Drupal and other open source systems we implement.  We subject our sites and any code we write to a thorough review by another developer not on the project team.  And we monitor our in-production sites to ensure their continuous health.

Rewarding Work Environment

You can't build great projects without a great team.  We work hard to satisfy our clients, and we work hard to satisfy the developers, designers, project managers on our team as well.  Our 100% virtual office provides tremendous advantages in flexibility and work/life balance.  We encourage and facilitate continuous learning and professional skills development.  If this kind of environment appeals to you, please check our careers page to see if there's a place for you at Rock River Star.