About Us

Our Company Name

We get asked about our company name a lot. It doesn't have anything to do with rocks, paper, scissors. While we're good at what we do, we don't go around calling ourselves rock stars. And if there's a place called Rock River, we've never been there. Here's the story, in the words of our founder.

In early 1999, the web company I was working for had just hired a number of new people at once, and one of my co-workers was promoted to be their manager. She found a "team building exercise" in a magazine and sat us all down in the conference room to get to know our new team members. The first assignment (and frankly, the only thing I remember about the exercise) was simply to "make a list of things you like."

My list began "rocks, rivers, stars" and went on to include about a hundred other things. A few weeks later, the company we all worked for was bought out by a larger company from out of town, and I chose to leave and start out on my own. I needed a name for the new company and I didn't want anything with Compu, Web, Net, or Tech in the name. I happened to remember the word exercise and the top three words I had chosen, and Rock River Star was born.