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AddtoAny Replaces Share This as Default Module for Service Links

After learning of a recent bug in the production release of the ShareThis module, I've started to switch clients to the AddtoAny module. They provide very similar functions, but one is broken.  That's right, one day ShareThis just stopped working. There are a lot of external JS and CSS files that it uses. The word is one of the JS files is broken and causes a bug on the mouseover or popup div. The popup window works, but who wants one of those?  Users want popup divs.


After much debugging, I went to the interwebs and found a thread on the issue I have. No one had a fix for the production version of the module, but there was a solution -- move to AddtoAny. So I tried it and it works like a dream. It doesn't let me type in a text title for the button, but does let me use a graphic from my local machine. As long as we don't need to change the label of the button, this doesn't involve any extra work.